caroline wozniacki has lost her smile

Last year around this time I was writing about Caroline Wozniacki actually having a shot at winning Wimbledon. Now in 2012, I am about to write that I am not sure where she is headed. Her results on court have diminished rapidly and the girl who was called “Little Miss Sunshine” is no longer.

Caroline Wozniacki has lost her smile

Wozniacki lost in the first round of Wimbledon 2012 versus Tamira Paszek in three sets 5-7, 7-6, 6-4.  What are the Wimbledon Odds of that happening huh? A former number 1 in the world, now dropped to 7, losing to someone she should really be beating.

English reporters have dared to ask her if her relationship with golfer boyfriend Rory McIlroy are to blame for the weak results of the Dane. “No”, was the short and terse answer.  Instead she blamed her recent lack of results to bad luck instead of bad tennis.

Caroline Wozniacki has been ousted before in Grandslam Tournaments. Just as often as she participated in one. Because Wozniacki doesn’t win when she needs to. The important moments where she needs to stand up are usually the ones where she lets down.  She was the world number 1 but that was just because she played more tournaments than many of the others. But that really is a WTA ranking system problem. Not hers.

If she was ousted at a Grandslam Tournament then it was fine according to her. “We will go to the next one”, she always said with a big smile that earned the nickname “Little Miss Sunshine”.

But after her last loss versus Paszek on Wimbledon her smile was gone and she was talking about the past and future. But for the first time in years, nobody asked her a question about winning that Grandslam title that continues to elude her.

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