caroline wozniacki not a true no.1 says martina navratilova

And is Martina Navratilova right about Caroline Wozniacki not being a true number one?  I don’t know. Wozniacki plays as a real number one and wins the non Grand Slam tournaments like a number one should. If it is just the matter of winning a Slam to justify that number one spot then I suggest we wait until Wozniacki wins one. I don’t think it is going to take long anymore judging by performance at the Australian Open 2012  so far.

“Clearly nobody feels that Wozniacki is a true No. 1,” Navratilova said yesterday at a news conference at the Australian Open in Melbourne. “If we still had the same ranking system we were using six years ago, when they were giving bonus points for beating players, Kvitova would have ended up No. 1 because she had beaten more top players than Wozniacki.”

Navratilova added to it that Wozniacki doesn’t have to explain her ranking but that it’s the task of the WTA to do that.  According to Navratilova the ranking doesn’t really reflect of how a player is playing now.

Wozniacki is right on track for her first Grand Slam by reaching the quarterfinals of the Australian Open.  Wozniacki hasn’t lost a set yet this tournament and is now facing Kim Clijsters tomorrow at the Rod Laver arena 11 am local time.

Wozniacki’s stats at the Australian Open so far:

First Round Anastasia Rodionova 6-2 6-1
Second Round Anna Tatishvili 6-1 7-6
Third Round Monica Niculescu 6-2 6-2
Fourth Round Jelena Jankovic 6-0 7-5

Photos of Caroline Wozniacki in her fourth round match versus Jelena Jankovic

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  1. She is no 1. she is a great player. navratilova lives in the past, and wozniacki will eventually win a grand slam or even a few slams and will become a great champion, silencing all this stupid chat .

    • Stephane Carter says:


      Wozniacki will win a Grand Slam eventually. Of that I am 100% certain. But I wonder what will happen after that? Will people still whine about her then?

      Not sure but can only wait and see.

  2. I think she just needs to win her first grand slam.. Once she does that she will probably win a bunch of them. And shut everyone that keep saying she’s not a true #1 in the process.

  3. I agree that the rankings should reflect the performance of a player over a year, not four Majors. Yet I also slightly agree with the notion of “bonus points” awarded to lower-ranked players for taking a big scalp. May add even more incentive to matches and hopefully we’d see less 6-2, 6-1, 6-1s at the big tournaments.

    But I believe it may be more to do with her style of play. She isn’t the most exciting to watch, and she also takes a lot of stick from the media about “boring” press conferences (though I think she’s quite refreshingly honest). I think this is what turns most people off. If she was a flair player, I think nobody would have a problem with her being number one. Agassi was always more universally popular than Sampras for this reason.

    She will win a couple as the women’s game is so unpredictable right now. Just look at Azarenka’s performance just now in Melbourne. Hopefully McIlroy can help her.

    • Stephane Carter says:

      The bonus system would make it much and much more competitive. Wozniacki isn’t the most exciting player and not one of the most charismatic ones either. So that’s 2 things working against her.

      Ofcourse she is going to win a few. Only a matter of time. Thanks for the comment :)

  4. And now, when Sharapova is no.1 all the critics of ranking system suddenly do not find it to be broken,LOL.

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